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Rafting Tours

Rafting Tours


One-day rafting trips

With the opening of the season on 20th of May, rafting tours start off about 20km of  sections (race-courses) in River Çoruh and Barhal Stream.

There are two sections;

Rafting trip on Barhal Stream starts from sarıgöl and ends in Yusufeli province-centre. These trips are done with the leadership of experienced sportsman Sirali AYDIN and his educated raft guides on crystalline rough white water.


Rafting on River Çoruh are done in two sections; up & down.

Upper course is ideal for beginners. It consist of Grade 1( very small rough areas, very basic) and Grade 2( some rough water, maybe some rocks, basic paddling skill).

Down racecourse is also ideal for high adrenaline lovers and consists of Grade 3,4,5( medium- large waves, large volume, possibility of large rocks and hazards).


NOTE: All these rafting tours are insured by ALLIAZ INSURANCE AGENCY.




  1. 1.Be eager, have fun and make memories.
  2. 2.Know proper swimming techniques.
  3. 3.Notify your raft guides of any sickness you may have.
  4. 4.Always listen to your guide.

Don’t drink alcohol before the trip.