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Mount Kaçkar From North To South

Mount Kaçkar From North  To South


Our trip is an excellent introduction to the combination of greenish lands and mounts.


Day 1 . In early morning, we arrive Uzungöl (lake in Trabzon) departing from Trabzon. After a little trip there, we’ll go to Rize where we’ll have a tea break in Castle Rize. Afterwards we get to Ayder ( summer resort & a spring) and spend time by discovering the nature. Then we’ll arrive Yukarı Kavron Plateau ( yukarı kavron spring) to stay overnight. After hearty dinner, we’ll relax for next day challenging trip.

Day 2 . We start hiking after breakfast and take some snacks for lunch. Don’t forget your windproof and waterproof raincoat! We’ll visit by order of Lake Öküz (Öküz Gölü), Lake Karadeniz and Çaymakçur Geçidi(3300m) and passing these beauties we get to Döbe düzü, Döbe Spring and Village Olgunlar. Checking into our pension, we have dinner and time to rest.

Day 3. After breakfast, we’ll give our backpacks to mules and start off. Passing Hastaf Spring, we move on our campside Dilber Düzü and camp along truly rustic greenish setting. Until dinner, you can go for a walk or just have a rest, sit back and reflect the day. It’s totally up to you.

Day 4.  ın the early morning, we’ll have breakfast and take the road of the summit trip which lasts approximately 8 or 9 hours. There is no guarantee to summit. It can be changeable according to weather conditions. After a long walk, we get to Lake Deniz and the summit.

 Day 5. We keep going our hiking after breakfast. At first, we visit Hastaf spring and end our trip in Olgunlar. During our break, we drink Ayrans then we drive to Village Barhal and Barhal Church. We’ll move on Yusufeli city-center and have lunch at the hotel. Now time to rafting on River Çoruh. In the evening we have dinner at the hotel restaurant and afterwards you can discover the beauties of city center in your leisure time.

Day 6It’s last day of our tour. We’ll have breakfast and visit one by one ; İşhan Monastery( magnificient church and chapel have survived), Tortum Waterfall, one of the remarkable natural treasures of Turkey and  ancient Osvank Monastery. Afterwards we arrive Erzurum province to taste famous Çağ Kebab. Out tour will end at the Erzurum Airport.