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Kaçkar From South to North

Kaçkar From South to North


Day 1: We move as a group after meeting in Erzurum to Yusufeli. On the way, one of the wonders of nature Tortum Waterfall and one of the masterpiece of last decade Osvank Monastery are visited. With the wonderful scene of Yedigöller( seven lake) the lunch is come.

Rafting exciment starts after reaching the junction called Su kavuşumu in Turkish. River Çoruh which is one of the best rivers in the world awaits you with open arms enthusiastically. At the end of rafting, we get toYusufeli  for dinner and accommodations.

Day 2: We will drive to Sarıgöl Ayılar Hamamı (…..)  Barhal Village ( Village Altıparmak), Barhal Church. It’s gone to Village Olgunlar and Yaylalar where we will have lunch then we are going to give the mules our backpacks, we walk to Hastaf Spring(Plateau) and Dilber Valley in which we make camp. Have dinner and rest.

Day 3 : In early morning we have breakfast and walk to Mount Kaçkar Lake Deniz( 3300 mt high,  the second crater lake of the world) then we will climb up about 6 hours by walking to summit (3932m ).  We are captivated by stunning views of peak and have returned by walking 3 hours. Later  we will get to campside and have dinner.

Day 4: It is descended Hastaf and Olgunlar Plateau after giving backpacks to mules and having breakfast. The lunch is eaten on Döbe Plateau and continue to trekking to Lake Karadeniz, Lake Öküz and lastly Yukarı Kavron Plateau.  We get some snacks or eat something from cafeteria in there, then we will gt to Ayder Plateau and check in our hotel. After dinner, you will have leisure time.

Day 5: Today is our route is Pokut Plateau which is difficult to get in rainy days.( If it is rainy, we will walk.) Pokut Plateau has the most attractive and captivating view and with this view we will have lunch. Later we return Ayder and if you want to you can go Ayder Thermal water or enjoy the day. Bagpipe is accompanied us at dinner.

Day 6: In early morning, we have breakfast and get to Rize, Ardeşen and Long Lake. ( this picturesque lake is famous for its natural beauty) At noon, we eat lunch with a spectacular view of Long Lake and  our tour ends upon Trabzon


Note :  Kaçkar Mountains have steep rocky peaks and numerous mountain lakes beside its endemic plants-flowers and flora. It is also very important place for outdoor photography.