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Two Sides of Eastern Black Sea

Two Sides Of Eastern Black Sea

Day 1: It is started from Trabzon by visiting Atatürk Köşkü (In 1924 Mustafa Kemal Atatürk stayed in the villa during his visit to Trabzon. It houses period rooms and serves as a monument to the memory of the founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey.) Hagia Sophia musuem and lastly Lake Uzungöl where we are going to check in hotel. We have dinner with the stunning view of the lake.

Day 2: We will take road to Rize city center and Rize Castle where you have a chance to taste special tea of Rize. Seeing Ardeşen, Fırtına Valley and Zil Castle one by one, we arrive Ayder. Later we will check in for the night and start  trekking to Kavron Valley. In the evening we have dinner and free time.

Day 3: :  We are going to leave Ayder in early morning , respectively our destinations are Arhavi district, Ortaçala Stream, ancient Çifte bridge, Mecnuna waterfall, hopa ,Borçka and Artvin Kafkasör Plateau. We will drive to Yusufeli and check in the hotel after having lunch with spectacular view Kafkasör Plateau. If we have time, rafting trip can be done (….) and then time to have dinner and rest. 

Day 4: After breakfast, we are going to leave Yusufeli to reach Bayburt province. When we get there, we will first visit Bayburt Castle, have lunch and move on.  We will arrive Gümüşhane province where we stay at the hotel and take a little ride in city center then have dinner.


Note:  Road is damaged due to construction of many dams.